Saturday, June 21, 2008

We put the "Crack" in Crackers

A few times in the history of this blog, I have pointed out what I thought were strange or worthless products. See my rants on Colonblow and on Oder Alert Cat Litter for proof on that.

So this time I decided to highlight a product which is AMAZING. It is a new flavor of Tiscuit named Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil.

These people have truly put crack in this cracker, because they are completely addicting. Now I will warn you, if you do not like the flavor of pepper, then do not buy these. Otherwise, you will quickly find yourself constantly munching on them. I quickly found myself actually upset that the wife had eaten THE REST OF THE BOX. Any food that does that must be good. Be prepared to battle the spouse for this high-fiber tasty treat.


Rosiecat said...

Damn, JD, I love Triscuits! I'm taking this recommendation of yours straight to the grocery store.

So, um, might I suggest you and The Wife buy TWO boxes to promote domestic harmony in the JD household?

JD said...

You would think that would be the solution, but we are soo dang thrifty we can't buy TWO of them. Maybe if Costco has a 6lb box, we could work that into the budget.

Rosiecat said...

I don't know, JD, domestic strife has its own cost...maybe for The Wife's birthday this year I will buy her two boxes of crack. I mean crackers. Right.