Thursday, November 1, 2007

Another Senseless Product: Odor Alert Cat Litter

So one of my goals in this blog is to point out the amazing variety of useless products that get presented to the American public every year. I pointed out a great product called Colonblow in a blog a while ago. Now I bring you the latest and greatest to hit our store shelves: Odor Alert Cat Litter.

Yes, that is correct, this is cat littler the alerts you to the fact that there is an odor by turning color. Now pardon me if I just don't see the point, but one would think that the fact that there is an odor would be readily discernible by the odor itself. Maybe this product will be marketed to those who have lost their sense of smell, but that seems like a very small market. So apparently, Arm & Hammer has come to the conclusion that what America really needs is a cat littler that tells us it is smelly by turning colors. Until next time...happy smelling/seeing.


my house said...

I have been using Arm and Hammer kitty litter exclusively for years. I bought the "Odor Control"
variety recently - HUGE mistake. It smells really awful, way tooo sweet smelling out of the box. Putting that aside, it just doesn't work. It doesn't clump, it just falls apart. Worse still, it mixes with urine and becomes glued to the bottom of the litter, no matter how many inches deep you've got it.

I emailed the company and got no response, so I am moving on!

Camdyn said...

Well written article.