Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stanley is Back Home

I just wanted to write a short post saluting the Detroit Red Wings. I give a lot of credit to the Pittsburgh Penguins, but the experience of the Wings trumped the youth of the Pen's, so Lord Stanley's Cup is back in Hockeytown. To salute the Wings, here is video of perhaps the greatest fight sequence in hockey history, with two goaltenders going at it at center ice... Detroit V. Colorado:


chaddq said...

Colorado deserved every punch.

Also, didn't Curtis Joseph have a 'meet-at-center-ice' fight back in the day?

Go Wings!

JD said...

You are right, they did deserve every punch. I'll have to check on the CuJo fight, got to love YouTube. They have every video that you did not know you wanted to see.

Rosiecat said...

Go Wings! I miss hockey in D-Town. I really, really love that sport and that team.