Monday, June 4, 2007

Colonblow...are you serious/the downfall of America?

One of my coworkers, who shall remain nameless said that he heard an ad on the radio for a product called "Colonblow." Lets just say that a rousing round of man humor followed in the discussion of the product, and all the fun that you could have with practical jokes. I have to admit that I honestly did not think that this was serious. But no, JD is wrong, a little googling and wham...there is the website for a actual product called "Colonblow." Motto: Poopin' is Cool!

Now here are the wise words of the founder of the Colonblow company:

"I was an ordinary guy who was tired of battling allergies. I started noticing how what I ate affected how I felt. Both reason and research told me the body's threshold of tolerance could be lowered if we could get the waste of of there. My buddies and I started colon cleansing, and we felt better... with more energy. My allergies became less of a problem. So I started developing this product, quit my day job, and today Colonblow is used by thousands around the world. We have tons of repeat customers."

Matthew A. Gardner, Colonblow Founder

I have to ask this serious/is this the downfall of America? Well apparently this is serious, and someone is making a whole lot of money making other people drop a kid off at the pond. I also firmly believe that this is the downfall of American ingenuity. WE have tons of problems that could use the American innovative spirit... fuel hunger...AIDS, take your pick. We have been reduced to blowing out our colons. I thought Viagra was the limit, but apparently not... Well everyone, happy poopin'!

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