Thursday, February 28, 2008

Baseball Season is Coming...

I know that the only baseball story that anyone out there seems to care about right now is the Roger Clemens thing. But, I, being a proud Detroiter, am more entranced by the amazing team that has been put together for my watching pleasure this year.


Let me go back a few years though, back when the Tigers were the worst team in baseball. I was still a loyal fan, and went to 5 or 6 games a year, and even watched them on TV, as Bobby Higginson struck out and Nate Cornejo racked up a huge ERA's. My point is that I am not some fairweather fan... I am in it through thick and thin.


My Tigers experience has evolved with the team, culminating in the high point of my sporting life, when I witnessed the Tigers sweep the Yankees, live from Comerica Park in 2007, and promptly lost my voice for a week. The team that is assembled this year is fearsome and scary by any measure. They will have Pudge Rodriguez batting eighth and Edgar Renteria, who batted .332 will set Pudge up batting 7th....7th! Lets just say I am in for a good year, pity those poor Yankee fans.

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