Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Fallacy of Valentines Day

I love my wife deeply, madly and so thoroughly it sometimes makes me hurt. My love for her permeates the very core of who I am, and I cannot imagine existence without her. Hugging her is often the very best part of my day. I say all these things not to brag or self promote, but rather to point out that this is my way of life. Loving my wife is part of the fabric of who I am. I do not need a day to remind me, prod me, or goat me into saying or thinking that I love her. That would be false, momentary and fleeting, what I have is eternal. The truth is I will will love her no more tomorrow then any other day, which is to say, immensely.


srah said...


But you still have to get her something!


JD said...

You know it....!

Rosiecat said...

To Madly-In-Love JD,

Props to you for proclaiming the excellence of love! Valentine's Day is just a minefield of a day, with people (like me) running around in pink sweaters and heart-shaped earrings while others wear black from head to toe and curse the whole thing to hell. Some of us say, "Expectations, be gone! I'm proclaiming the excellence of love, regardless of my relationship status or the status of my relationship." Others just say, "Love bites."

I have staked out my position in the "Love is awesome" camp, and I am NOT giving it up! Luckily, I have a closet full of pink sweaters to emphasize this point.

And by the way, your wife is pretty awesome.