Friday, February 15, 2008

Obama and McCain Rally Differences

I was watching the Potomac Primaries this Tuesday, and both Barack Obama and John McCain swept all the contests. If you want my opinion, John McCain needs to work on his rally set up, because after the contests, both he and Obama had a victory rally. Let me give you a photographic representation of both their rallies:

1st John McCain:

2nd: Barack Obama:

Now of course this is a gross graphic misrepresentation, except for the Obama rally because that is a real picture of his. I am serious about the feel though. Standing behind McCain at his rally were 25 of his closest white buddies who are over 70. The guy immediately to his left almost looked DEAD. Now maybe that is his core constituency, but if he hopes to win the general, he might want to get the support of some non-white people who are not already collecting social security. This is a diverse country. Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha!

Rosiecat said...


It looks like I could have a picnic at the McCain rally! At the Obama rally, I would probably have a crowd-induced panic attack. Based on those criteria, I would choose McCain. Especially if that picnic included brownies.

Maybe McCain should offer brownies at his rallies! We members of the brownie constituency have some serious political weight. Yup.