Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Simple Pleasure of a Day Off

There are many simple pleasures in life. Some things I would include in that category are: the sublime moment when you climb into bed and let your mind completely wander for the first time all day, the smell of garlic and onions browning in olive oil, and a slurpee on a really hot day. Above all of these I would put a random day off.

I am not talking about a vacation day. That would imply that you are taking the day off for some express reason. I am talking about a day off just to use up a day off. That is what I have coming up on Friday. My wife has it off because she is a teacher and it is her mid-winter break, so I decided to take time off so we could relax together.

This idea of unfettered time off is great. It literally made my whole week better. I was halfway through on Tuesday and as I am writing this I only have one day left in my week. This idea is excellent. Maybe if I get enough time off one day I will take every other Friday off, now that would be great.


Anonymous said...

Also: cracking the top of a creme brulee with a spoon and digging your hand into a bag of grain, tearing off wallpaper and shining shoes, polishing the floor and thoroughly cleaning your purse/tool box. :)

JD said...

I really don't know how you get polishing the floor... If it is that much fun, you can come do it at my house.

Rosiecat said...

JD, I think your wife might understand some of srah's comments about the pleasures of cleaning.

While I am all in favor of a WHOLE day off, I would add that even leaving work early once in a blue moon is pretty heavenly. Getting home by 6 PM is awesome and something I do so very rarely that it makes me tear up just thinking about it.

But I have secret (shh...) plans to take a day off next Friday AND leave work early on Thursday unless my houseguest dies of catastrophic illness, which I fear he might...ever get that funny feeling that something is very wrong? Yeah, I have that feeling today. I must investigate later tonight.

Anonymous said...

Cleaning is terrible. TERRIBLE! But some people derive pleasure from it, as in Amelie. Which - if you haven't seen the movie - you should.