Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Stupid Inefficiencies...

   My time was thoroughly and intensely wasted today. This I can say with absolute certainty. In fact, I can point to a specific group as someone who helped further the advance of global warming by making me drive around for 30 minutes looking for a stinking drop box.
    OK, here is the situation...JD wants to enter the Ann Arbor City Tennis Tournament. On the website for the tournament it says a drop box is located at an address that does not exist. Mapquest or Streets and Trips cannot find it, and the closest I came was the back of a condo complex.
    Here is my problem... so little information is given, no cross streets, no indication that it might be difficult to find. They knew this was going to be a problem, and ignored it, hoping people would also just ignore it. They knowingly caused many many people to waste their free time, and I value my free time. I called the Tournament Director (yes I am one of those people), and she told me how many people had called or emailed her because they could not find the dropbox. I guess it is on an extension to a road, where you are at one of those intersections where both roads are named the same. In this case at the corner of Eisenhower and Eisenhower.
    So now i have to drive over to her office to register because there is no way for me to get over to the box before 5pm tomorrow when the building closes. Creating more work for me and her, or the website could have just had accurate information. GRRRRRRR, sometimes stupid inefficiencies really get to me.

BTW: Here is the site, click on Adult Entry Form

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