Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Chrysler 300C, the Ultimate Grandma Car

Yes, I am talking about that Chrysler 300-C. The ones that you see in all the rap videos and in all the movies. This car has been a huge success for Chrysler, but it has often been pigeonholed as appealing to the urban crowd. Well Chrysler's marketing team should be proud, because there I was cruising down I-94 on my way to wrk when I see a silver 300C up ahead. It looked a lot like the one below.

So here is me, at 6:45am, thinking to myself: Self... I wonder who is driving this car. I bet it is someone cool and interesting. So I passed the car on the left, and took a gander over to see who was piloting this Detroit behemoth. This is who I saw:

With appolgies to the actress Frances Bay (Happy Gilmore's Grandmother), this is exactly what I saw. It scared the crap out of me. Here I was expecting some young hip individual in thier 20's and I got Grandma rolling along at 75MPH. So cudos to the marketing people at Chrysler, you have expanded your demographic waaaay past what I would have though possible.


Rosiecat said...

Hey JD,

HILARIOUS! Today's grandmas are hipper than ever. I can't help but wonder about how really tough guys (gangstas, rappers, gangsta rappers, etc.) always seem to have a soft spot for their mothers and grandmothers. Could it be that these guys know that Mom and Grandma are actually far tougher, smarter, and yes, even hipper than they are? But Mom and Grandma are secure enough in themselves that they don't need to tell everyone how cool they are; they just do what comes naturally.

So did the grandma on I-94 catch you gawking at her as she cruised the highway in her 300C? Did she wink at you? ;-)

Happy Friday!

JD said...

She just may have....although I tried to block that image out of my head!