Monday, November 17, 2008

Whacked Out Winter

The Michigander in me loves the concept of global warming. I mean honestly, who in the northern states would REALLY object to a few degrees warmer of a winter? Certainly not I, that is for sure. We would get a climate more along the lines of....Kentucky, while still having the seasons and lots of fresh water to drink. Not too bad actually.

The side effect of this concept called global warming however, is more whacked out weather. Some seen to think that global warming means it should be hot all the time, or that winter should always be milder. That is part of the reason I disdain the term global warming, and vastly prefer the term global climate change. Global Climate change more accurately sums up what is going on anyway.

This weekend was strange, weather wise. We has rain and balmy 50's on Friday and early Saturday. Then yesterday we received a good inch or two of snow courtesy of an Alberta Clipper. Now a dusting of snow at this time of year is not unfamiliar to me, it is the fact that we will be in the 30's all week as a high that is a little strange. It looks and feels like December out there. So apparently there is no global warming, because it is cold out earlier then normal. But if you believe, like me, that we are experiencing climate change, then this is just par for the course. I do agree that global warming sounds better, maybe we should just stick with that and hope.

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A Wanderer's Heart said...

I wish you would send some snow my way... for living in the mountains, last winter was abysmal. I've got my fingers crossed for a better one this year.