Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Life of Blessings

As many of my readers know, I recently lost my job. This has definitely been a trying time in my life, and there have been tough times in the past few weeks. Overall though, I have tried to remain positive and focused. I have also been focusing on letting God speak to me in the direction He wants me to go with my life. This is HARDER than it seems! One thing that has become evidently clear to me in this time of transition is the incredible blessing that my life is.

Firstly, I have been blessed with the presence of incredible people in my life, especially my Wife. You realize WHY you were put with that person in times like these. When there is the chance for you to fall down she is there to help lift me back up, to help re "run the race" that is my life. My family and friends have also helped me tremendously in dealing with this transition.

Secondly, I have been blessed by an amazing church. First Presbyterian of Plymouth has really become an integral part of the person that I am, and the chance to have a church that really shows the love of God is something that I will always be thankful for. From the head pastor asking me how it is going to the prayers of my Bible study group, I know that God is using FPCP as a community of faith to help me through this time.

Lastly, I have been blessed with such an incredible gift of being born and raised in the United States of America. I think we all often take this for granted, but from the young men and women in Iraq to the Elks club around the corner, there are so many people here vested in the future of this country. Whatever your political stripe, I know that you probably have the best interests of this country at heart. As the recent election has shown (more about that soon), we are still that shining beacon of light on a hill, the place where all things are possible through work and sacrifice. We are all truly blessed to be living in the USA.

So thank you God, thank you for this time of introspection and soul searching. As I move on to other, hopefully better things, I know you are with me always. JD


Anonymous said...

I love you, Husband!!


Stephanie said...

Well said. We are all blessed so much, it's easy to not see it sometimes.

Rosiecat said...

You are a shining beacon of hope and love, JD. I'm so glad to be part of your life.