Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas and Family Anticipation

Christmas has recently taken on a new meaning for me. In the past, unlike many American families, all of my relatives were local, and we were able to gather for Christmas dinner with relatively little planning or travel. Recently, when my parents decanted to Arkansas, this has all changed. This will be the first year that they do not own a house to stay in over the holidays. Now I know that I am entering territory that many, if not most American families already experience. For example, the Wife's family is scattered just about everywhere, from Texas to California and Colorado back to Michigan.

So, I am starting to see Christmas in a new light, as a chance to finally see everyone together. I have not seen my parents since late summer, when we ventured down to their place for a week long vacation. So needless to say I am truly excited for the family aspect of the holidays. The planning portion...not so much. I never knew how complicated logistics of visits can be when time is short and there is soooo much to do. Hopefully it will all come together and we will be able to enjoy a good few days together, because after this, I have NO idea when I will see them again, it may be next Christmas.

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Rosiecat said...

And when, oh when, will I get to see YOU, Mr. JD? It's been too long!