Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Solo Life...Updated

Here us a quick snapshot of the solo week so far:

Saturday - Woke up and drove my wife to the airport....bye bye wifey. Then I went and had two showings at my parents house to people interested in buying it. Then I played some tennis in Ann Arbor at HVTC. Then I ordered some stuffed crust pizza on the way home. Ding - this would be where my day deviated from a normally scheduled Saturday. Then I proceeded to veg around ALL day and kill lots of fake people on Call of Duty 4. I ate the leftover stuffed crust pizza for dinner.

Sunday - Easter alone. Lets just say that church alone on Easter is not that great. If all of you want to see my church it is here. Then I went and picked up my brother and we went over my Grandma's... YEAH. My family ....all 45 of us, had a grand ole' time. On the way home my brother and I went grocery shopping at Meijer, which for those of you from the Midwest, you know is the originator of the 24 hour superstore...Wal-Mart is just a copy cat. We proceeded to buy such various things as a toaster oven, new plates, a griddle and lots and lots of Jose Ole' Chimichangas. No new tires or pet fish, but they were all there for the taking.

Monday - I had Monday off to celebrate my temporary singleness, and while fun, it got really really lonely later in the day. You know the time that your spouse would normally come home from work. I even busied myself with chores, washing some dishes and doing some laundry. I even went to the gym on a day off...I know shame on me. The highlight of the day was spending time talking to my wife, because she was finally somewhere in Texas in cell range. I ended the day watching Evan Almighty, which was surprisingly good.

Tuesday - Back to work. This was actually good to get back to work, as it helped me find purpose in something. I am a kind of person who likes to have SOMETHING to focus my energy on. My wife may think that i love to just sit around and read or play video games, but that is usually when my mind is overloaded and I NEED a break. When I have lots of free time I tend to want to focus on accomplishing something. Here is something that I would never have eaten if Wife were home.... Ore Ida Zesty Fries and a can of wax beans. That was my dinner, could you get any more man basic?

Wednesday - Another day at work, nothing too exciting there. I actually had a arealy hard time sleeping last night. I think I only got about 4 hours. I think that this is a true measure of how used I have gotten to sleeping next to Wife... Today my brother and I had decided we would meet up for dinner. We went to Mongolian BBQ, which is another Michigan Classic, although I understand that they are expanding and doing quite well. Check them out HERE, and be jealous. So now I am home and writing this and planning on going to bed soon. I am excited about talking to Wife tomorrow, so there is hope, and she will be here on Friday.

Check back then for another update.

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