Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Out Where The Cell Signal Dies

My joy goes up by incalculable levels when my cell phone stops getting a signal. This would normally seem like a contradictory statement to someone who is plugged in to the modern world, but that is precisely why it is true. Sometimes, I want to be where no one can reach me. The modern world can be overwhelming. I think that I have way too many way of getting a hold of me. I constantly have to monitor at least 3 emails, 3 phone numbers and of course Facebook. Being uncontactable can be incredibly freeing.

Last weekend I was on the annual canoe trip with the guys in my family on the Pine River in Northern Michigan. This annual jaunt Up North serves the purpose of allowing some guy-like behavior and also getting away for a weekend with no chance of contact.
I was distressed to see some of my family actually using cell phones at the campground. This was always a place of no service, and as such, was a place of incredible freedom.

Being there was like you were suddenly cast back in time. If someone wanted to talk to me there, they would have to just be old fashioned and gosh...speak to me face to face. The good news is that my phone did not work up there anyways, apparently Nextel has not thought to put cell service there yet. Of course, even if it did, do you think I would tell anyone??

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