Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hmmmmm...Is It 6 Or 7 Houses I Own?

Yesterday, John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee was asked a pretty simple question in a forum sponsored by Politico. He was asked how many houses he owned. Now I can assure that many Americans could answer this before the guy was even finished asking it... it would be a simple 1. Many could also answer 0, but that is an entirely different blog. John McCain thought for a second and then said that he did not know how many homes he owned, and that he would have his staff get back to the reporter who asked the question.

Now I cannot think of a single thing that would put McCain more out of touch with the average American then not knowing how many homes he owns. Imagine the internal process(In thought bubble...Well there in the Virginia House then Florida and Colorado...oh yeah, the beach house in Malibu...wait am I forgetting somewhere..well I guess I don't know.) Rough. Life. Man. Well it turns out the man that has your best interest's at heart as a Middle-Class American has 7 homes worth about $13 million dollars. Looks like the latest layoff's at General Motors have not hurt him.

In related news, the Obama campaign, in probably the fastest turn around in presidential advertising history, had an ad up TODAY criticizing the comment. Presented below just because it is amazing they got it up so fast. Thoughts and comments please.


Rosiecat said...

A question for you, JD. Did Obama's people end up telling McCain how many houses he owns? If so, that was awfully kind of them!

I think owning one house sounds quite wonderful. I'm looking forward to being able to answer that question with a number other than zero. Someday, someday...

JD said...

Obama did in fact release how many homes that he owns, it is 1. Of course it is not a 200K house in the ghetto. It is worth about a million dollars, so it is still a nice house. But at least it is not 7!