Friday, February 6, 2009

A Phelpsian Dilema

First, I want to congratulate myself on coming up with the word "Phelpsian." That is a pretty sweet word! Moving on.

So, Mr. Golden Boy himself has a weakness, he likes to smoke down. Apparently if there is a bong anywhere within a 100 foot radius of Mr. Phelps, his innate "bong radar" goes off and he grabs a lighter and heads on over. Like many people, I am disappointed to see a recent Olympic champion, and perhaps the best swimmer of all time do something this stupid. Shame on him.

But here is my dilemma, and I am sure that it is shared by millions of people across the world.... SO WHAT? I find myself mildly amused that they guy thought this would not get out, but really....honestly, if I ask myself, I don't care. I still will root for the guy in the Olympics or elsewhere. If my kid one day grows up with Michael Phelps as an hero, I would not be disappointed. It is not like he was out beating up women or selling meth to kids. He took a hit off a bong. If that disqualifies you from succeeding in life then MANY MANY people in high positions would have to step aside. The current and last two Presidents could not have been President. I know that as a responsible citizen I should be condemning the guy, but I just can't. It was a stupid move, and he is going to pay financially; he has already lost an endorsement deal from Kellogg. There are so many "role-models" out there that do far worse, I just can't bring myself to hate on Michael Phelps.


Rosiecat said...

If Michael Phelps can smoke a little weed and still swim like the dickens, I'd say that's pretty amazing. I neither condone nor condemn his choice, but I feel my lungs would not fare well if I decided to take up smoking as a hobby.

JD said...

Agreed, not for me, but I just think it is funny how evil he has become because of this one event.