Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hey, that 8.9% Unemployment Rate, Bump It Up a Little.

Yes faithful readers, it seems that I find myself in a position that more and more people are in...unemployed. This would be the reason that I have not blogged in a week or so, it has been a REALLY crazy week.

On Monday, I was sat down and told that my company would be closing the Ann Arbor facility that I manage. I was told this was not my fault, as I had only been running it six months, but just a victim of the economic climate. The good news for me was that they were going to give me a position in Toledo (corporate HQ). I went about my life knowing that I at least had a position open to me. So of course Friday afternoon rolls around and I get a call from the corporate lawyer and my regional. It seems that after evaluating the staffing in Toledo, I was no longer needed. My offer to relocate had been rescinded.

So if anyone out there need someone experienced in sales, purchasing, management, HR or inventory control, let me know. As of the 31st, I am available. JD out.

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