Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Homecoming at Albion

Both the Wife and I attended Albion College, the home of Liberal Arts at Work. This year was the Wife's 5 year reunion, so we decided to venture back to campus for the reunion and homecoming.

We were of course late leaving...I'm blaming the Wife on this one, and arrived with barely enough time to go to the requisite receptions. We started off at the education department reception, which was odd, because it had moved buildings. I guess you can tell that you are not a student anymore when a department moves buildings and you don't know. So after some wandering we ate cookies and chatted with some current students in the Ed department. Funny enough, one of the students there is the current president of APO, and she informed us that the chapter is still going strong.

Then we headed over to the Kappa Delta reception. This was interesting because the chapter is trying to recreate all the family lines and had GIANT posters up trying to get the lines all connected. So if any readers out there were KD's and have not provided your information to the chapter, please let them know.

Our stomachs then beckoned us to the DOW for lunch (this was a hard choice over Lopez, but we thought more convenient). I was ecstatic to see that the boston creme pies in a cup were still there and had to restrict myself to eating just one. Those things were handy in college. The best part came when the British Eighth came marching in. See the picture below. All in all a great lunch.

Then there was the football game, which Wife abandoned me for. She decided, probably rightfully so, that exploring the campus would be more fun. Unfortunately Albion lost 13-12, but at least it was a close game. We then wandered over to check out the new science complex. HOLY COW! They did an exceptional job integrating all the new buildings. I remember when Palenske and Putnam looked a lot like my Junior High, full of institutional painted cinder block. These were beautifully done with paneling and all kinds of scary science stuff. Below is a picture Wife took of the beautiful lobby.

We then ended up at the Alumni Dinner at Cascarelli's. It was nice to see people, but it was kind of lame. There just was not that many people there. our opinion is that just 5 years out a lot of people are just finishing up graduate school and probably do not have the funds or time off to come back. We did get a really fancy Albion pen, and unlimited mediocre pizza! At elast there was good conversation with the people that we sat with. See picture below. It was a busy day, but overall worth the time and drive.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, our 5th was pretty lame too. I was happy to see the people I saw, but the food was mediocre and the crowd was small.