Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In the Jungle....The Mighty Jungle

Normally, I am ruler over the domain that is my lawn. I have no problem pulling out the weed whacker and attacking the evil things that sprout up behind the garage. I imagine most guys are like this. There is something special about the smell of lawnmower exhaust and fresh cut grass. I revel in the clean cut lawn, that for just a day, hides the fact that there are 72 varieties of grass and 32 weed types growing in my little 1/3 acre.

Recently though, my lawn has been kicking my butt. I think it happens every year about this time. The combination of rainy spring days and an truly amazing explosion of growth means that I am always behind. Currently I have a rain forest growing behind the garage and the shed. I meant to break out the almighty weed whacker this past weekend, but a fun little power outage prevented that. The dandelions continue to sprout unabated, and the front flower bed is starting to look a little like a high desert plain.

Why is it that us men judge part of our self worth by the quality of our lawn? Is it ingrained in us a children, when the men of the block used to gather around over a beer and talk about the type of fertilizer they used, or what brand of grass seed works best by the pool. I don't know the answer here, but I do know I will feel better after this long weekend, after I reclaim the JD lawn kingdom.

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A Wanderer's Heart said...

But dandelions are fun!