Monday, August 6, 2007

Midsummer Blogging Blues

I have to admit, I have been unmotivated to blog as of late. It is not for lack of interesting or weird things taking place in these United States of ours. It is strictly the same thing felt by many American's this time of year... a midsummer lull. It has been so very hot up here in MI (take that global warming skeptics), that all you feel like doing after work is coming home and laying around on the couch. The flip side is that when it is nice outside you want to be...outside! So there has been a severe lack of blogging going on around here the past few weeks. Hopefully I will remedy that when I come back from vacation recharged and refreshed. The Wife and I are heading to Jewell Lake National Forest Campground for some good ole' fashioned rustic camping.

For all those out there looking for a good inspirational story to help get you through the day, check out this article from the Detroit Free Press about a kid with a disability and his triumph at baseball. That should make just about anyone feel better about America!

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