Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sweet Cherry Pie

Well talk about a evolution of an idea or concept. I was over my brothers apartment last week and we were playing Guitar Hero 2 for Xbox 360. Now I had never played this game before, but let me tell you... it is a blast. I am not the best fake guitar player out there, and I still had a great time and made my left hand nice and sore. Anyway, one of the songs on this game was Cherry Pie by Warrant. I had head this song before, but after attempting to master in on Guitar Hero, I had to download if from Itunes.

Then on Friday, the Wife comes home from Kroger telling me about how there were cherries on sale and she is going to make a cherry pie for some company that was coming over on Saturday. Wife has made all kinds of pies and crisps, but never cherry, and I looooooove cherry pie, so I was excited. Here is the picture of the final result:

So, I don't really know if all these things are really related, but if they are I sure am glad that playing Guitar Hero got me a nice Cherry Pie.

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