Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Grandma got runover by a Hummer

Let me preface this by stating a couple of facts:

1) Hummers cost more then the average income of a family of four in the United States. Average MSRP, just over $50,000

2) The average Hummer can...according to the GM website, ford 2 feet of water, has 17 inch wheels, and has a gas tank that hold 32 gallons.

3) My 1994 Chevy Cavalier can ford about 3 inches of water, has tiny ass wheels, and has a gas tank that holds 12 gallons.

4)The average Hummer can run over my Cavalier and the driver can wonder...was that a racoon, or a Cavalier...and keep right on driving.

My point here people is that I am being punished for not being wealthy. My life is being put in danger because I am not wealthy. I agree with the long tradition in the country of rewarding people economically for their effort, but part of their reward does not have to be my detriment. There have been numerous times that I have feared for my life because some person was driving a Hummer. Either I cannot see the road ahead because they are taking up my entire range of vision, or the driver seems to think (rightfully so) that I will just get out of his (or her) way because I am in a Cavalier and they are in a Hummer.

What we should do is require someone to have a special license to drive on of those behemoths. You should have to go through advanced training on how to park, turn and drive without killing other people. Semi drivers have to do this. It would at least make the people aware of what they are driving (a tank).

Better yet we should draw the line and say that regular citizens have no right to own something of this nature. There is no reason, none. Just like no regular citizen should be able to own a RPG, the sole result of people having either one of these devices is that someone else is put at risk.

Thoughts and comments please.....


Rosiecat said...

RPG: No regular citizen should be able to own a Role-Playing Game?

JD, do you have something against Dungeons and Dragons that you aren't admitting?

JD said...

Rocket Propelled Grenade...You need to watch more news about Iraq!

Rosiecat said...


You might be right about me being more in touch with world news, but the situation in Iraq depresses me so much that I can't--at least without someone I like holding my hand to make me feel better.

But I think there still might be something sinister about Dungeons and Dragons...I wouldn't rule it out...